About Us

Cold Engine Air-Conditioning Service is an established since year 2011 as aircon service company/contractor based in Singapore and our principal have more than 15 years of experience that specializes in various aircon services e.g air-conditioning service, yearly maintenance, repair, chemical O/H, troubleshooting, installation and more. We are well trained in different brands of air conditioning service and our clients both from residential, commercial premises and project.

Our ethic is honestly, loyalty & healthy living. We believe we are only as good as what we breathe. Our team become worthy of acknowledgement and praise of a large group of loyalty clients.

We were also launched on new service to our clients which is “safe” and “health” e.g dust mite cleaning for our bed, sofa or carpet and air-conditioning steamer cleaning for those clients which is pregnant , children or sensitive for chemical clean.

We believe in offering the best services to our customers while maintaining competitive pricing with the market. Our vast experience throughout the years of specialising in the air-conditioning field also enable us educate our technicians with the best practices, which then benefits our customers with our timely and cost effective services.