Chemical Overhaul

Aircon servicing involves a very thorough chemical overhaul / wash of the air conditioning unit. This service is needed when a general cleaning of the aircon unit does not improve the condition.Air-Conditioners Chemical Cleaning is normally recommended for air-conditioning systems or units, which have been in use for quite a number of years without maintenance or proper maintenance. The benefits are aplenty including breathing in cleaner air for you and everyone else in the environment, savings due to lower electrical consumption, and lifespan of the Air-Conditioner will also be extended. In addition, cooling a room or facility will be much faster than before maintenance and water dripping and condensation will decrease significantly.


One-off Service Cost (SGD$)
  1. Wall Mounted Unit
    9K BTU-12K BTU
    18K BTU-24K BTU
$150/FCU (One unit)
$130/FCU (2 units and above)$180/FCU (One Unit)
$160/FCU (2 units and above)
  1. Ceiling Cassette Unit12K BTU-18K BTU
    24K BTU-36K BTU
    36K BTU above
$250/FCU (One unit)
$230/FCU (2 units and above)$280/FCU (One unit)
$260/FCU (2 units and above)$350/FCU (One unit)
$330/FCU (2 units and above)


**All price above are only for residential, commercial please email or call for quote.

Scope of Work:

  • Dismantle of fan coil unit
  • Dismantle of electronic control and drainage device
  • Chemical clean / wash of fan coil unit and all parts
  • Vacuuming of drainage system
  • Charging in of refrigerant (R-22) gas (limited to 10 pressure point per system)
  • (Not applicable for R410 refrigerant)
  • Check control and thermostats
  • Test and commission system

Clear water leak problem
Increase cooling with saving on electrical consumption
Saving on total maintenance cost
Prolong the life span of equipment

30 days on service workmanship (on scope of service only)