Air-Conditioner Steamer Cleaning

Steamer cleaning service was new launched since October 2013. It can deep clean & sanitize air conditioner with up to 100 degree celcius steam heat, remove thoroughly bacteria, mould, fungi, allergens & dirt. This service was suffered by those family with elder,child,pregnancy or allergic for chemical. Immediately restore efficiency even extend the life of your unit.365days peace of mind for the health of your family.

One-off (Ah-Hoc)Service Cost (SGD$)
  1. Wall Mounted Unit


$90/FCU (One unit)
$80/FCU (2 Units and above)
  1. Ceiling Cassette Unit
$90/FCU (One unit)
$80/FCU (2 units and above)

**All price above are only for residential, commercial please email or call for quote.

Scope of Work:

  • Dismantle of fan coil unit
  • Dismantle of electronic control and drainage device
  • Steam clean / wash of fan coil unit and all parts
  • Vacuuming of drainage system
  • Check control and thermostats
  • Test and commission system

Clear water leak problem
Increase cooling with saving on electrical consumption
Saving on total maintenance cost
Prolong the life span of equipment
Kill bacteria

30 days on service workmanship (on scope of service only)