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Benefits of Aircon Servicing

Every machine requires regular maintenance and upgrades over time. If you do not spend money on maintenance and upgrades of of machine, you have to pay more for a major repair facing in the future. The same logic applies to your air conditioner. If your AC or heat pump lack of maintenance, you can not […]

Why air conditioning servicing necessary?

If you do not maintain your air conditioner every year, it will lost its efficiency. Therefore, you must take care of your machine so that it can recover the lost efficiency. Engineers say that with time-to-time tune up, your air conditioner will save 95% of its real efficiency. This means that you can increase the […]

Cold Engine Aircon Servicing

Cold Engine Air conditioning was established as an Air-conditioning engineering service company in 2011. Located in Singapore, Cold Engine offers the best air conditioning service in and around Singapore. Our aircon repair service Singapore has been providing maximum satisfaction for clients since our inception. Some of these aircon services include; installations and repairs of A/Cs, […]